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Celebrating a milestone of service to the Montgomery community, the staff of the Montgomery Eye Surgery Center with their new 20th Anniversary T-Shirts.

Celebrating Twenty Years of Serving Montgomery Patients!

It was twenty years ago when a group of seven ophthalmologists embarked on a ground-breaking initiative for patients in need of eye surgery in the greater-Montgomery area. 1997 marked the year the Montgomery Eye Surgery Center was founded, making it the first Surgery Center dedicated to eye surgery in the state of Alabama. That original group of surgeons was composed of Dr. Sanders Beckwith, Dr. Tom L. Mitchell, Dr. John L. Swan, Dr. S. Douglas Owens, Dr Jim Glassner, Dr. Ricki Dobbs, and Dr. Frank Young III. Of this original group, Dr. Mitchel, Dr. Swan, Dr. Owens, and Dr. Young continue serving the eye surgery needs of Montgomery patients today. Also serving the community's needs at Montgomery Eye Surgery Center are Dr. In C. Shin and Dr. Katherine Donnithorne.

In addition, patients have enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of Peggy Burdick, Brenda Carmichael, and Jeannie Hancock. Each has contributed to high levels of superior eye care since the beginning in 1997.

The physicians and staff are pleased to have served multiple generations and multiple family members. The Montgomery Eye Surgery Center has become part of the fabric of Montgomery and has provided the Community with innovations in Eye Surgical Care since its inception. Also, the surgeons work with other clients needing assistance and provide services free of charge, so patients can get back to work and back to living the best quality of life possible. The surgeons have supported Boys and Girls Clubs for more than ten years in the Montgomery community.

The Montgomery Eye Surgery Center is honored to have served the area for the past twenty years and looks forward to the next twenty!